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New Corporate Brand Identity Revealed at IFFA 2016

May 7, 2016

7th May, IFFA, Frankfurt – the number one international trade fair for the meat industry, being held every three years and each time attracting record numbers of visitors and exhibitors from more than 140 countries. What better place to announce a new beginning for Krehalon and share our excitment for the future!

43 years after our foundation in The Netherlands, by our Japanese parent company Kureha Corporation, it was time for us to align our international sales organizations and to brighten up our corporate image, differentiating us from the competition and strengthening us for future challenges.

In this intense 4-month project, we carefully listened to all stakeholders – our distributors, end customers, our partners and Krehalon employees worldwide. The prevalent feedback reconfirmed our reputation as a premium quality, credible supplier with many decades of experience, resulting in our brand essence: Seal of Quality.

Although much continues as before within our organization, some changes will be applied to help us improve quality standards, efficiency and sales so that this combination of “preserved and new” feels like a new beginning, to seize the inspiring and challenging opportunities to fulfil our aim of providing consistent superior quality products, while successfully meeting increasing customer service demands.

To reinforce the strong Krehalon brand, our new strapline has been creatively selected and combined from all feedback. Preserving Quality Together has been chosen underneath the new Krehalon logo, to emphasise the following concepts:

  • Preserving reflects the fundamental reason for the existance of our business – to extend shelf life and keep food fresher for longer. Here we also refer to our length of experience and expertise in the food packaging markets that we serve and our continuous aim to help customers achieve maximum efficiency and sustainability, which ultimately lead us to the development of new innovative automation solutions such as Shrink Bag Replacement (SBR).
  • Quality reflects our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards and offering superior quality print and presentation to our customers.
  • Together highlighting our initial drive for long term partnerships in increasingly changing environments and where we excel by our flexible performance, our service-driven attitude and our superior worldwide technical support.

Most visible aspect of our new identity is the eye-catching logo, consisting of the dominant K, that is wrapped signifying packaging protection. The < extends to form a Q shape, highlighting the quality aspirations across all areas of our business. The icon in combination with our name, both symbolizing our preserved and new corporate values.

The colour shade, which could be best described as a ‘sunblush’, represents our passion, creativity and positivity, whereas the cool grey in our name speaks for reliability and credibility, from 43 years of experience and financial stability of a large Japanese corporate.

The sunblushed ‘less than sign’ (<) alongside the stem of the K is a representation of our thinner but stronger materials. We believe that “less is more” and our proprietary film technology results in less leakers, less packaging waste and higher output per unit, delivering long term commercial gains for our customers.

Krehalon are the Seal of Quality in the fresh food packaging industry and with over 40 years of experience, our expert approach to production and automation, packaging and presentation solutions, quite literally makes us stand out!


Krehalon, Preserving Quality Together